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Our Story


Bob and Kate Boyce operate the Lil' Ponderosa Freezer Beef Business out of our home. Because we live on Ponderosa Road, it wasn't much of a leap to call our place the "the Lil' Ponderosa Ranch". Some call our operation a work in progress!

We moved to the farm April 25, 1986. We started to renovate the farm, immediately, preparing it to become a working farm. Having dozed and cleared years of trash and brush... we constructed several miles of fence, installed watering systems and erected several barns. We then purchased our Purebred Angus stock from several farms of good repute --- who were grazing their cattle.

From the beginning we were committed to raising "an all natural product". Our farm plan is tested by asking, "What would GOD be doing if we were not here to interfere?"

To achieve the highest possible quality we decided to produce our beef from a "CLOSED HERD" of purebred Black Angus Cattle. No new breeding animals have been brought onto our farm in over 20 years. They are fed a GRASS ONLY diet--- from birth to harvest. None of our cattle--- have eaten grain or corn during their lives! They graze in a picturesque setting, on rolling hillsides, in a stress free environment. In the winter they are fed hay grown on the farm.

We use NO chemicals, growth hormones, antibiotics or artificial additives.

We offer Ag-tourism. While we do not provide lodging, folks like to bring their families to visit the farm. We encourage them to take walks--- explore the farm. Find the Koi in the ponds, the baby geese and ducks, deer, wild turkeys and other wonders of nature.

We give them tractor rides and show them the cattle. We take them into our home and offer refreshments. Finally, we explain the various cuts of beef--- and help them prepare an order.

We receive many "Thank You" notes from our customers. They often ask for recipes for the beef after tasting some of Kate's cooking--- which they may experience during refreshment time. All "visitors" are sent home with a sample of our meat. You don't have to buy ---to visit!

Folks understand that we are taking the time to select and finish our cattle to meet High Quality (Choice 1 and 2) standards. Therefore, they are willing to pay a premium for our "healthy" product. The quality of our product and personal attention has enabled us to grow our business, annually. More and more--- folks are discovering the benefits of supporting their "LOCAL" farm families.

Note: The government will fine us $10,000.00 if we use the term "ORGANIC". That is because we will not allow third party ---defacto government officials--- to inspect and label us as such. Now--- we have you as a potential customer and hopefully you will soon decide to join our growing family of "satisfied customers".

Your repeated patronage and endorsement of our product is our version of being CERTIFIED.



Our Values

1 Never Denigrate our competition!
Lil' Ponderosa Enterprises Representatives need only promote the positive aspects of our products and services, make no negative remarks re: competitors.

2 Live up to the "Spirit of the law" as well as the "Letter of the law"
Be an honest broker of LPE products and services. It is important not to violate Legal Standards, such as Patents, Trademakers, Copyrights, Codes of Conduct, Laws and other regulations. Be careful!

3 Be respectful of all business associates, regardless of their job titles: Peers, Employees, Dealers, Service Personnel, etc.
Everyone is trying to make a living in a very competitive marketplace. It is important for LPE Representatives to be perceived as using good judgment and ethics;


4 Respect the customs of different religious groups encountered in the marketplace.
While there may be differences in how we practice our faith(s), fundamentally, ALL OF US live by the GOLDEN Rule: "Do onto others, as you would have them do onto you."

5 Keep your word ...and keep the customer informed.
A man's word is his bond. It is expected that we will honor and deliver on our contracts...
oral or written.