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44 Ponderosa Road
Carlisle, PA 17015

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We operate out of our home. Please give us a little advanced notice--- make an appointment. We operate 6 days per week. We will accommodate--- folks traveling long distance throughout the Carlisle area ---on Sundays---by appointment ONLY! $100.00 minimum order.


why grass fed

Folks… Please understand… When you purchase Lil' Ponderosa Real Angus Beef, you are participating in a joint effort involving: You, the consumer, the farmer and the environment.

You are enjoying much more than a great-tasting, healthy eating experience. You are casting a vote --- with your pocketbook --- for: Environmental conservation, sustainable land and resource stewardship, and humane and natural production methods.

By partnering with a local farm family, you enable the production of "real food" which you are proud to have your family consume.

Thank you!
Uncle Bob and Kate Boyce